quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2008

Spacemen 3

Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to (1990)

Escute e viaje na psicodelia ;]

1. The Sound of Confusion
2. 2:35 (Version 1)
3. Losing Touch with My Mind
4. Amen
5. That's Just Fine (Vocal Version)
6. Come Down Easy
7. Mary Anne
8. Feel So Good
9. 2:35 (Feedback Version)
10. Hey Man
11. It's Alright
12. 2:35 (Version 2)
13. Things'll Never Be the Same

parte 1
parte 2

total: 106mb

segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2008

36 minutos

Rock 'n Roll!!!!!!

01 Devotos de Nossa Senhora Aparecida: Gibi, Ramones e Motörhead
02 Devo: Mongoloid
03 Fellini: Nada [live]
04 Joy Division: Transmission [live 1980]
05 Sonic Youth: Androgynous Mind
06 The Cure: A Forest
07 The Jesus and Mary Chain: Cracking Up [live 1998]
08 Ramones: I Just Want to Have Something to Do
09 The Troggs: Wild Thing
10 The Velvet Underground: Venus in Furs


quarta-feira, 7 de maio de 2008

Medicine - The Buried Life

Medicine é uma banda alternativa de noise-pop/rock de Los Angeles. Teve duas formações, sendo a primeira com o começo da banda em 1991 com a vocalista Beth Thompson, Jim Goodall na bateria e o guitarrista Brad Laner. A banda assinou contrato com o selo American Recordings no ano seguinte. Medicine é considerada a resposta americana a bandas "shoegaze" da europa como My Bloody Valentine, Ride ou Chapterhouse. Laner com sua guitarra Yamaha de 8-canais conseguiu criar um som próprio, e conseguiu (ruidosamente) se distinguir das outras bandas do movimento shoegaze.

The Buried Life é o segundo álbum da banda, de 1993.

01 The Pink
02 Babydoll
03 Slut
04 She Knows Everything
05 Something Goes Wrong
06 Never Click
07 Fried Awake
08 Beneath the Sands
09 Emmeline
10 I Hear
11 Live it Down
12 The Earth is Soft and White


links: encarte | letras | site não oficial | wikipedia

sábado, 3 de maio de 2008

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Electricity

Gravação de um show do Jesus and Mary Chain, de excelente qualidade (192 kbps), no Camden Electric Ballroom, realizada no dia 27 de abril de 1998.

01 Degenerate
02 Snakedriver
03 Cracking Up
04 Moe Tucker
05 Happy When It Rains
06 Teenage Lust
07 Stardust Remedy
08 Head On
09 I Love Rock 'n Roll
10 Sugar Ray
11 Supertramp
12 I Hate Rock 'n Roll
13 Virtually Unreal
14 Man on the Moon
15 Reverence


quarta-feira, 26 de março de 2008

Richard Hell and The Voidoids - Blank Generation

Richard Hell é um dos personagens mais importantes da história do Punk. Membro fundador do Television, banda Proto-Punk americana e membro dos Neon Boys, também influenciou toda uma geração em NY com esse álbum e a música-título "Blank Generation", de 1977.

01 Love Comes In Spurts
02 Liars Beware
03 New Pleasure
04 Betrayal Takes Two
05 Down At The Rock And Roll Club (alternative version)
06 Who Says?
07 Blank Generation
08 Walking On The Water
09 The Plan
10 Another World
11 I'm Your Man
12 All The Way



Flop - Whenever You're Ready

Flop was an early-1990s pop punk band from Seattle, Washington. The band was signed to the Epic label when their brand of music was at the height of its popularity. Flop recorded its first major label release, Whenever You're Ready, with The Fastbacks' Kurt Bloch. The record was then mixed by Martin Rushent, and was released in 1993 on Sony 550, an imprint label of Epic Records headed by now music mogul Polly Anthony. The record was not commercially successful, however, and the band was dropped by the label. Following several national and regional club tours, some headlining, others supporting acts like The Lemonheads and The Screaming Trees, Schurr left the band. He was replaced by former Posies bassist Dave Fox following Flop's month-long European tour with The Posies.

01 A. Wylie
02 Regrets
03 Julie Francavilla
04 Pluto
05 En Route to the Unified Field Theory
06 A Fixed Point
07 A Popular Donkey
08 The Great Valediction
09 Mendel's White Trash Laboratory
10 Z² + C
11 Sorry Henry Maartens
12 Night of the Hunter
13 Port Angels
14 Eat
15 Woolworth
16 Parts I & II
17 Need Retrograde Orbit


cd-r compilation #3

Um punhado de ótimas músicas (dos mais variados estilos), faz-nos recordar aquela época pré-mp3, onde as coletâneas gravadas precariamente eram a nossa alegria, naquelas festinhas dos fins-de-semana ;]

01 The Saints: "Kissin' Cousins"
02 Radio Birdman: "Non-Stop Girls"
03 R.E.M.: "Pop Song 89"
04 The Feelies: "Paint It Black"
05 Devo: "Praying Hands"
06 The Who: "I Can't Explain"
07 The Vaselines: "You Think You're a Man"
08 The Charlatans: "The Only One I Know"
09 Depeche Mode: "The Meaning of Love"
10 New Order: "Dreams Never End"
11 My Bloody Valentine: "Sueisfine"
12 Leonard Cohen: "The Future"
13 Outrageous Cherry: "Lord Have Mercy on Me"
14 Love and Rockets: "Motorcycle"
15 Radio Birdman: "You're Gonna Miss Me"
16 Magazine: "My Tulpa"
17 Mojo Nixon: "Disney is the Enemy"
18 Die Toten Hosen: "Halbstark"
19 Chapterhouse: "Breather"
20 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: "Red Eyes and Tears"
21 Nine Inch Nails: "Down In It"